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CPA Conversations podcast

Jun 22, 2016

Join Jim DeLuccia and Laurie Horvath, CPA and author for the Pennsylvania CPA Journal, as we discuss the governance and oversight benefits of having audit and finance committees at volunteer organizations. She provides great insight into the different skills or traits committee members need to succeed.

Jun 21, 2016

This CPA Conversation offers a word of advice to CPAs who may be intimidated by aggressive bosses. Bill Hayes reads the Pennsylvania CPA Journal column, “Being a Subordinate Is No Excuse for Subordination” by Ibolya Balog; a piece that delivers a cautionary tale on how to avoid disastrous career choices and provides...

Jun 20, 2016

PICPA’s Bill Hayes and Jim DeLuccia sit down to talk about PICPA’s new podcast series, CPA Conversations, and what PICPA members can expect from it. They talk about the different topics that will be explored, how the podcasts will benefit CPAs, and ways that PICPA members can help make the podcasts more effective.