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CPA Conversations podcast

Jul 25, 2016

Randy Johnston of K2 Enterprises joins Bill Hayes to talk about establishing a strict e-mail archiving and retention policy and the positive benefits it can have for a business’s everyday operations. Johnston discusses the effect e-mail can have on efficiency, and details the available automation options to help...

Jul 21, 2016

Peter Calcara, PICPA’s vice president of government relations, joins Bill Hayes to talk about the new Pennsylvania budget, including the major differences from last year’s version, why the process went so much quicker, and key changes to the tax code.

Jul 12, 2016

Jim Caruso of RSM US LLP joins Bill Hayes to talk about the importance of making sure non-financial managers have a basic understanding of the financial department’s role in a business’s success. He discusses vital steps for passing along this knowledge and positive effects it can bring to the bottom line.